“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am then I can change.”

– Carl Rogers


I am a registered Clinical Psychologist with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa, I am in private practice in Durban.

My pursuit of a career in Clinical Psychology was spurred by my conviction that mental and physical health are complementary. In an age of continual crises and challenges, it is important to adopt a holistic approach, thus offering clients appropriate avenues to vent their feelings and help them acknowledge, deal with, and resolve their problems. The therapeutic value of psychology is highlighted by its capacity to address a vast spectrum of mental health conditions, each requiring it’s own specific therapeutic intervention. My goal, therefore, is to empower clients, to facilitate healing holistically, and set them on a path of positive change to unlock their true potential.

I hold a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and completed my internship at Fort Napier Hospital and Townhill Hospital. Thereafter I worked in the government sector at Osindisweni General Hospital as a Clinical Psychologist.

I also rendered psychological services at the following institutions: Red Cross in remote rural clinics; Open Door Crisis Care Centre; and in a psychological assessment centre where I provided psychological assessments for individuals. I also lecture to second, third and final year psychology students.

I am also a Registered Counsellor (PRC 0014150) and a Psychometrist (PMT 0087939).